My friend David Stopke is doing better each day. As I reported several weeks ago he is now in Denver and undergoing therapy and extensive recovery. He continues to not have the use of his arms and legs but is completely off the ventilator and sitting up and eating food. He can also talk, though with some difficulty and only for a short period of time. Last Thursday I phoned Eva, David's wife, and she handed the phone to David in the hospital bed. I finally got to hear David's voice and share my love with him once again.

On Monday I learned that David's feeding tube has also been removed and he is beginning to have movement in his left arm and hand. This is extremely encouraging news.

When I spoke with David he told me that he struggled a great deal and asked me for further prayer for his entire family. I told him that I shared his requests with thousands of readers, many of whom would pray for him because they also pray for me. I also had some time to pray for him on the phone. I prayed for his desire to live to the glory of God in this difficult state. I prayed for his son (Jesse), who accidentally shot him. Jesse will now manage the family business too. He is a fine young man with a heart for God. I prayed for Eva and then told David how brave and strong she has been. I told him I loved him and always would.

I also asked David if he remembered my visit to Las Vegas when he was so close to death and my prayer for him at his bedside? He said he did and thanked me for coming to be with him and his family.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for David, and for me as his friend. Keep praying, please.

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