Alabamakentuckyjpg-80c95310ba8d6e03_mediumI gladly admit that I love college football. And this year I am enjoying the early season success of my favorite team, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, with immense pleasure. Some months ago I looked at the schedule and saw that the Tide played a game in Lexington, Kentucky, on October 3. I have a number of friends in the area around Lexington and decided that I just might try to make a visit to the beautiful Bluegrass State this weekend. After getting a single ticket, and arranging to stay with some friends who faithfully support ACT 3, I made my plans three weeks ago. Then I arranged for two other ministry stops. Yesterday, I visited with faculty at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. I love Asbury and I deeply appreciate their excellent faculty. My friend Jim Heidinger, the former director of Good News, hosted me. Tomorrow evening I will speak in Richmond, Kentucky, for a Friends of ACT 3 evening. Information is available on our Web site. If you live in the Lexington region come by Sunday evening in Richmond. I would love to meet you.

Since I saw the Crimson Tide play last week in Tuscaloosa today is a first, since I will see them play in successive weeks. I have not done this since I was a student in Tuscaloosa back in 1967. Some guys play golf, some hunt, some fish. I try to follow college football in the fall season. So here I am in Lexington for a great game. There is so much to like about this Alabama team but one of the most enjoyable aspects of their game is watching kick and punt returns.


Senior Javier Arenas, the number one kick returner in the nation, plays for the Tide. Javier is just fun to watch, unless you are trying to defend against him. Every time he touches the ball he can break the big one. he almost always gives Alabama great field position following a punt. Without injury Javy will break the SEC record for career return yards, either today or next week. He will very likely break the NCAA record a few weeks later. He is the best kick returner I have ever personally seen in college football. His secret is to not dart and weave but to straight run to daylight and then look for "air" as he calls it. His instincts are amazing. I will enjoy seeing him today and hope he breaks a few long ones for me. Roll Tide Roll. (For Bama fans, that's simply RTR!)

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