For some years Steve Brown, the radio voice of Key Life, has proven to be a really cool buddy who likes me just the way I really am. He is one of the most gracious, energetic and effective communicators I have ever met. More important than gifts is the reality of Steve Brown himself. He is what you hear and read and is as authentic as they get.

Steve serves on my Advisory Team for ACT 3 precisely because I desire, and need, the kind of counsel that he can and does provide for me. (I also need his prayers which he freely offers for me faithfully.) I am never with Steve that I do not walk away and say, "What a hoot. I love this man. He is so good for me to be with. He helps me to be a better Christian who truly lives grace." I have know lots of Christian leaders over my lifetime but few are as down-to-earth and real as Steve Brown. I mean it. I would not lie about such a matter if my life depended on it.

Steve has asked me to interview with him on Key Life this coming Friday, April 20, at 12 noon (EDT). If you cannot get this program in your area on radio I am sure you can hear it via the Web if you connect to Steve’s Web sight. I would be delighted to have you tune in and listen to us chatter about important concerns that we share for the church in our time. Check it out at

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