Twice each year I make a general appeal to our friends to help us underwrite the mission of ACT3 Network. One of these efforts is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The other has been traditionally in May but this year it began on July 1. Through the slowest month of the year we ask you to pause and help us if you can.

1. Please pray for ACT3. We have some incredible opportunities to build partnerships with missions and churches. We are engaging Millennial leaders in effective ways and intend to stay faithful to this calling in the coming years.

2. Please give, even a small gift, if you are able to do so. Go to our home page where you will find my Capital Campaign Letter and a link to our special donation site for this July effort.

As of today we have received gifts from 25 donors (one church included) and the total amount given has been $6,750. Our goal is $25,000. We can only reach this goal if a large number of new friends, who read this blog and are friends on Facebook, give a one-time gift to our appeal.

I do not hammer away at funds but I sincerely and humbly ask you to help me do an important work. Give this month if you are led to do so. One of the gifts that most touched my heart was the smallest one so far – $10 given by an elderly widow who was a pastor’s wife for more than sixty years.

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