This Friday evening, at 7:00 EDT, I will take part in a public dialog with Father Jon Braun (Orthodox), at All Saints Orthodox Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Anyone near Bloomington is welcome to attend. Information is available from All Saints Church. The host pastor is Father Peter Gillquist, the son of the Orthodox evangelist and church-planting leader who was a major leader in Campus Crusade for Christ when I was in college. In fact, Jon Braun was also a leader in Campus Crusade for Christ in those days and had a wonderful influence upon my life personally.

We will each present our journey of faith in ten minutes and then we will each speak of the strengths of the other person’s position and then conclude with three weaknesses. Response will follow and questions will be taken. I look forward to this evening and hope friends in Indiana who can come will attend. If a tape is made I will get it on the ACT 3 site as soon as possible. You will also find, on the ACT 3 Web site, a number of audio features that are added each week. There is also a sermon/lecture/interview of the week which you can subscribe to as a podcast.

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  1. Anthony June 4, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Are the three weaknesses you conclude with regarding your own tradition or the other’s? Either way, I wish I could attend, but California is a bit far to travel.
    When I lived in Wheaton I would very occasionally attend an Antiochian Orthodox church that was started by a number of Evangelicals who made their way East, and who had a connection to Father Gilquist. I believe the church was called Holy Transfiguration, and the priest there was Father Bill.
    I hope your evening is an epiphany and a blessing to all.

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