Christians are often tossed back and forth by the biblical idea of physical healing, the role of prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Confusion abounds. Few churches actually equip people to pray for healing and fewer still encourage the practice. I have openly embraced balanced and faithful healing ministry for a long time. Why? Well, put very simply, I believe it is biblical. At the same time I have witnessed, like so many of you, the rampant imbalance and dangerous practices of some healers and their obviously over-hyped claims. So what should we do about this oft controversial subject?

My friend, Rev. Dr. George Koch, pastor of Resurrection Anglican Church in West Chicago, Illinois, is hosting a ministry training school for learning and practicing healing prayer. I heartily encourage you to check out this unique opportunity if you are interested. Some of you may actually be gifted and called to serve in such a ministry and thus this training would be immensely valuable to you. Others may just want to learn a more balanced approach to healing that is holistic and healthy. Below is a letter of information about this Ministry Team Training School to be held in suburban Chicago in October.

Would you benefit from a deep and thorough training in healing prayer?

Whether you have years of experience, or are new to the idea, a wonderful opportunity is coming this October: Resurrection Anglican Church will be hosting Ellel Ministries, an extraordinary worldwide, non-denominational Christian ministry that equips the Church by teaching about the Kingdom of God, training believers in healing prayer, and healing those in need.

Please join us Monday, October 8 thru Friday, October 12, 2012, from 9 AM until 5 PM each day, for this in-depth training and experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to see and learn from the internationally known Ellel Ministries team. 

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Registration is limited to 50 people. Register early to reserve your spot.

Please contact Heather Ann Martinez @ Resurrection Anglican Church if you are interested. Her email is:

The phone number is: 630-231-1775

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