The-screwtape-letters-csl Check out this interesting video that humorously captures a great deal of the spirit of my faith and practice. It is quite clever and makes some exceptionally good points about Satan's desire to divide and separate us. Remember, C. S. Lewis rightly suggested that the devil cannot handle humor since it exposes him in a clever way and he likes to keep things that are clever all to himself. I tend to think that this is why he wrote his classic Screwtape Letters.

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  1. Linda Kelleher August 24, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Loved it.

  2. Gene Redlin August 25, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Church Unity…. Since the recent flaps in Minneapolis I have been thinking a lot about this. Can or should we draw a line?
    I think there is a line somewhere. Who do you keep unity and fellowship with and who do you not?
    Make that line too close and you become closed off from the whole of the Christian community. Not a John 15 thing to do.
    Make that line too far away and you begin ordaining homosex and a lot of other things.
    My brothers and sisters with whom I can have full fellowship are those who can confess the apostles creed, and believe it, who hold Jesus up as the Christ, true God.
    That would leave out Jehovah’s witness and Mormons I think. Certainly Satan worshipers and Unitarians. Maybe my litmus test isn’t complete. But, there IS a litmus test.
    So, the question is this…. HOW do we apply it? Do we just accept everyone who puts a cross on their building as a brother? I don’t think so…our local tavern has a cross on it and not everyone there is a brother I’m pretty sure.
    I would have to hold to the admonition of scripture that a person in open rebellion of SIN to the truths of the Word of God (yes I will have to say as I see them) would have to be considered a “So Called Brother” and must be treated as such.
    This is puzzling and personal for me.
    I just know there is a line, and where we decide to draw it matters.

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