I hope every reader of my daily blog will check out our new book web site at www.yourchurchistoosmall.com. You can also sign up on the fan page at Facebook as well. The book has already gone to a second printing in less than seven days after its release. Early sales have thus been very, very good. This is encouraging news and reflects, I sincerely pray, a hunger for unity and mission among a growing number of church leaders, both pastors and non-pastors. Remember, if you want to order a copy the best price is still through Amazon. The best way to order it through Amazon is by going to www.yourchurchistoosmall.com and ordering it there. When you do this ACT 3 gets about 5% of the sale price added to our mission. News about the book is posted regularly at this new site and content is being added along the way. Amazon has also had a significant number of reviews already posted on the book. Some of these are quite rich and detailed if you want to see more about the book’s content and importance to church.


A few weeks ago we did a blog tour just before the book was released (Monday, March 22). One reviewer, a young pastor in Kent, United Kingdom named Chris Kidd, who blogs at chriskidd.co.uk, wrote the following comment as a part of his longer review:

Your Church is Too Small is good theology—a mixture of Armstrong’s personal faith journey with history and theology.  He is so passionate for this topic—it’s clearly the book he was meant to write—the book no one else would write in the same way.  He is clear that there are so many good ways that we can learn about Jesus from scripture, one another and history! Armstrong’s book is helpful at a time when unity is needed and yet spoken about so little. This book is dense. I found myself regularly having to re-read sections, not because of the language or style of writing, but because there was so much to process and think over.

Thanks Chris for this good word. I am honored by your words and pray others will read the book and prayerfully see what God will do with them if they become a part of my call for the 20% who will take this vision around the world. 031032114X_yourchurch_back

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  1. Blake White April 14, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Bought it today!!

  2. Chris Kidd April 15, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Thanks for the link, much appreciated,

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