We have scheduled several special evening events to meet friends of ACT 3 and to express our gratitude to our faithful donors. We also would like to expand our donor base through meeting and making new friends. This ministry depends on "friends" more than issues and hard-sell donor development skills. The only way I know how to find the support that we need to do this work faithfully is by meeting people and allowing them to hear my vision and to know me personally.

To this end we have scheduled two friends evenings in Wheaton. The first was planned for tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 25. Because the publicity for this event was late in getting out the response was too small to justify having this event. It was arranged as an RSVP but if you were planning to attend do NOT come tomorrow night. Further information is on our Web site.

The second evening is still on track for Tuesday, October 16, at 7:30 p.m. in Wheaton. Details are at ACT 3. We would love for any of you in the Chicago area to sign up and come. There is no charge and no offering will be taken at all.

I am also willing to arrange other such evenings in different parts of the country, and different parts of metro-Chicago, should you like to host one and help us. I will be in Alabama next week, then Minnesota and finally, late in October, in Southern California. In all these areas public events will be held as "friends" meetings. Contact me for further information. We are also planning a trip to Northern California, and the Bay area, for early 2008. Other areas of interest, where we have a good number of special friends, include Dallas,  Atlanta and Orlando. Anyone who wants to help me in any of these areas can work to arrange a meeting. I welcome inquiries.

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