I admit the statement struck me immediately with a sense that I needed to reflect on it further. I thought about it for some time today and then took down my dictionary to think about it more deeply.

The words I refer to are those of founding American father Alexander Hamilton, who created our central treasury, and in some ways gave to us the concept of a central federal government that developed after the Civil War. Hamilton is not, by any stretch of imagination, my favorite founder. But here is his quote that stopped me in my tracks today: "A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one."

Disgrace? The word means a loss of favor or a downfall from a position of respect. It also refers to a cause of reproach or a thing or person involving dishonor. So, if I read Alexander Hamilton correctly, he is saying a nation that prefers to become a reproach, or to be deliberately deceived, or to willfully dishonor itself rather than face a serious or real danger, is likely to be mastered by a tyrant or a despot. Have we reached that point? Only God knows. I do wonder. I can’t think that our civilization can stand for many decades given the moral vacuum we have created and generally now accept. The church is not guiltless in this turn toward disgrace since it has lost its saltiness and deep and true love for both the good and the just.

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  1. joshua hong January 30, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    Thank you for your love for Jesus and his kingdom. I am sorry that I missed your lecture.
    But I read your article and was greatly encouraged by your honest comment and encouragement for UBF memebers . I also have been committed to Christ serving Him with UBF family members. So whenever I see people like you encouraging me to keep up my life of mission as a foot solider I am so happy and moved. I have been there when and where because of my own inscensivity as well as cultural ignorance that caused me to make mistakes while I was supposed to shepherd young students on the campuses. Recently I moved down to the U of C where Dr. mark and Grace Yoon were serving. Again I just understood how much I am not equipped to serve Him among the students. Still again and again people like you and some fellow disciples of Jesus(such as Rand tuker–pastor of the Hydepark vineyard church) encourage me to keep up the course of the gospel work and discipleship ministry.
    There were painful times when innocent sheep who just accepted Jesus through bible study disappeared because of some accusations in internet or even TV, I was dumb founded. But always I was encouraged because of our Lord who encourages us in our own difficulties. And no difficulty can stop us from following Him as well as from spreading the gospel.
    Euncouraged by Dr. mark and my own decision I decided to take Counseling ministry at Wheaton college(M.A) I just finished application. I am not so scholastic but if God wants, i pray to be equipped to serve Him better through M.A program.
    Anyway, May God bless you and keep you and use you for Christ and his kingdom. from m.joshua hong.

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