ACton I am honored to be on the faculty for one of my favorite conferences in America, the Acton University. AU meets June 14-17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For four days each June, the Acton Institute convenes this wonderful ecumenical conference of pastors, seminarians, educators, non-profit managers, business people and philanthropists from more than 50 countries. It is simply one of the most interesting and impactful events that I have ever attended. I have been several times in the past. This year I will go to teach “Protestant Social Ethics.” (See the faculty link below.)

600 people of faith gather at AU to integrate and better articulate faith and free enterprise, entrepreneurship, sound public policy, and effective leadership at the local church and community level. With this week of fellowship and discourse, participants build a theological and economic infrastructure for the work of restoring and defending hope and dignity to people around the world. This is the core of what is called Acton University.

Registration is now open for the 2011 Acton University (AU), where this year's distinguished international faculty will once again guide participants through an expanded curriculum, offering even greater depth of exploration into the intellectual foundations of a free society. Please check out the links to see who is teaching what and when. If you cannot afford to attend, but fit the core audience of an Acton event, contact Acton about scholarships.

64840_440975481462_18017481462_5756689_1879244_n Space and scholarship funds are limited – so register or apply now! Please visit where you will find the online registration form along with complete conference information.

More than 80% of the Acton University conference marketing is accomplished through word of mouth (or, more precisely, through the forwarding of emails and direct referrals, thus blogs like this one). Please spread the word about this great event to friends, colleagues, and students who may be interested. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kara Eagle at or by calling 616.454.3080. I would love to see you in June. I know several friends are planning to come and several board members of ACT 3 will also be present. We will likely even have an ACT 3 table for a meal or two so we can fellowship together during the week.

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