I introduced our new ACT3 Network video yesterday. Because this new resource is so important to what we are attempting to do I share more today. You can help us extend the witness of ACT3 by using this video in several ways:

1. Send this blog, and the video link, to your friends. Ask them to watch the video and then to pray for ACT3.

2. Encourage friends to join us in the work of missional-ecumenism by sharing the news of this work more widely, with all Christians everywhere. By these kinds of tools we can reach a global audience.

3. Support us financially if you can. We do not do “fund raising” campaigns or plead for funds. We are responsible and accountable. I have lived my life, and led this mission, as an “open book.” I do not make a big income. When I speak the money is all directed to ACT3, not to me personally. I have gladly taken salary hits in order to be faithful to this message. I thus am not ashamed to ask for your support of a truly honest and faithful ministry. You can donate online. You can also schedule regular monthly or quarterly gifts online. You can send checks to: ACT3 Network, P.O. Box 88216, Carol Stream, IL 60188. Every gift, large and small, encourages me personally and helps us do our work. Tax receipts are available for U.S. donors.

4. Sign up for the ACT3 Weekly at the website. You will receive an article each Monday as well as prayer requests and news items about events. This is the very best way to stay in touch with me and the mission of ACT3.

5. Hep us find the best contexts in which to share our vision so that John 17:20-24 will become a vibrant experienced reality throughout the global church.

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