On Monday I introduced you to the best resource we have ever created to share our vision. This new resource is our ACT3 Network Story video. Yesterday I shared some ways in which you could use this story to impact your own life and that of others who you feel that you can reach. Today I wish to share how we will use many new video resources that came from our interviews. I believe that we have created short films that share a great story that can impact thousands of viewers like you.

In making this new ACT3 Network Story film producer and director Tim Frakes shot 10-12 minute interviews with about forty-five different people. These interviews included filming with Catholic and Orthodox priests, Protestant ministers from many traditions, lay leaders from the entire church and people of varied backgrounds ethnically and nationally. We interviewed men and women, young and old. The major question that we asked each person was simple: “Tell us what Christian unity means to you and why?” We also asked each person to talk about how they saw ACT3 Network sharing this vision with others. You will hear how they respond to us and what we are doing. And you will get a sense of what they believe God is doing today. Along the way Tim got some incredibly great video material. We could only use less than 1% of the total in the major video. So what did we do with all this film footage?

The volume and quality of our material was so rich that we decided to use as much of it as possible as widely as possible. So Tim edited clips from these many hours of interviews into 60-90 seconds each. Some of the people we interviewed will appear several times. As much of this material as we could use we will share over the course of the next year. Each week I will share at least one new video interview on this blog site. Each week these videos will be added to several different websites, including the Resources Tab on the ACT3 Network site. Check this tab and you will see a growing library of material that we hope you will use and then share with others.

Our goal is simple – expand the witness of our missional-ecumenism vision as widely as possible. Help us if the Spirit leads you to do so.

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