Our transition to a new web site was successfully completed over the weekend thus our new, and wonderfully improved, site is working today, Monday, December 3. The old web address will still get your to our site but the new address is: www.act3network.com. Please make note of this address in your bookmarks and please check out our new web home page as soon as possible. It is clean, graphically sharp and includes a blend of ancient-future faith that reflects rather well our vision of “empowering leaders and churches for unity in Christ’s mission.”

I am sometimes asked, “What does ACT 3 actually stand for?” Some have mistakenly referred to our mission as Acts 3, thinking this is a reference to the third chapter in the book of Acts in the New Testament. This is not the case at all. ACT 3 is an acronym that stands for: Advancing the Christian Tradition in the Third Millennium. We chose this name six years ago because of our missional-ecumenism and growing relationship with the catholic church in its various expressions; e.g. Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. This ecumenism is openly reflected in our deep desire to engage in real life partnership with the whole Christian church. C. S. Lewis called this vision “mere Christianity.” I have never denied that I am a Protestant minister in the Reformed Church of America. I oppose anti-Catholicism and anti-Orthodoxy but I embrace my evangelical roots openly. In fact, I believe that the one, holy, catholic church consists in all the visible, confessing and Christ centered churches that follow Jesus Christ. I realize this statement is itself controversial but I am a catholic Christian who is committed to Christ as the one Lord of all those who call upon him in humble faith. I therefore welcome partnership with all who love the Lord Jesus with me and who want to share in this mission. When you check out our new site check out the material on partnerships. Perhaps your mission or church would like to be a partner with us.

ACT 3 has added the word Network to our name for a very specific reason. This new web site will explain this change more fully but in short we realize that what we do as a mission is to build relationships with people and churches in order to serve the body of Christ by partnering through various kinds of social and spiritual networks. We know this word network is often over-used but it reflects quite well what we are trying to do and thus better explains what ACT 3 actually is, a spiritual network of Christians and churches committed to the mandate of Christ to make disciples of all the nations.

When you visit our new site please consider making a donation to help us continue this work.

We are truly a faith-based mission and depend on your gifts. We have no large benefactors to bail us out now and then. (More than a decade ago we did but our mission does not attract such donors in many cases.) Please check out the “Unity Factor Forum” events for 2013. If one is coming near your city or town you might want to attend. You can register now. If you’d like to invite us to come to your city to conduct one of these forums then please do so. There is a place on the new site to invite me to come. We desire to take this message of unity in mission as near and as far as possible. We welcome your support and your personal input. We especially need your prayer.

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