I am so grateful for all of you who comment on these blog posts. I welcome your comments, even when you disagree with me or push back about what I write. The only comments that I ever block, and this is extremely rare, are those that are intemperate and/or expressions of personal cyber rage.

Several have asked me why this site registers a number of comments yet when you look at the comments section there are fewer actual posts than the number says. The reason for this is quite simple. I link this blog to my Facebook page thus when people click “like” on Facebook this registers to this blog as a comment but there is no specific content to read. The site says that someone has commented but there are no words. You will actually see photo images of these people who “like” a particular post if you read the data carefully. It helps, if you “like” something posted on my Facebook page from this blog site, that you say why you “like” the post with a comment!

You will also see some graphic flaws in this new blog system. These are related to the “themes” we’ve chosen and how they function inside Word Press. We are working to improve this process so what you see will be visually right. We are also working to increase my skills in using photographs inside these blogs (re-sizing, cropping, etc.). A new ACT 3 website is being designed that will allow my Facebook page, this blog post, and my Twitter account to all be connected in design and style. Our home page is long overdue for a major do-over. Pray for me, and the three men I’ve employed to help me, as we try to vastly improve our work online and on the social media. I am serious about building networks with 20s and 30s. This is why I realize these Internet-based means are very important to reach that goal. We hope to roll out more changes before Thanksgiving.

In the meantime keep giving me your feedback, pro and con. My goal here is not to pontificate but to think with you as a friend and encourage a process that I believe is truly healthy–serious, helpful and honest dialogue leading to love and unity; John 13:34-35; John 17:20-24.

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