This unique event, hosted by my dear friend, author and speaker Dan Brennan, will feature several interesting and engaging speakers, including yours truly. It will present a great opportunity for a kind of dialogue not generally welcomed in the church at large and includes a special opportunity to meet new friends in genuine conversation and fellowship. Please consider attending. Here is more information:


When Jesus Met Mary: A Sacred Friendship Gathering

Chicago, Illinois

April 27th-28th, 2012

A Conference Exploring Friendship Between Men and Women

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When men and women come together, are the only options romance or danger?  Is sex the subtext of every male-female friendship?  Is true male-female friendship ever possible without uncomfortable tension, cynicism or second-guessing?

When Jesus met Mary in the garden, it was in friendship.  In the Gospel of John, before marriage, family or community, the risen Christ first attended to friendship.  Is it possible that we can learn to do the same – to build and attend to deep friendships for their own sake?  What would our marriages, relationships, churches and communities look like if men and women were not afraid of connecting with each other in deep friendship? 

On April 27th and 28th in Long Grove, Illinois, (a Chicago suburb) gather together with Kathy Escobar, Jim Henderson, Meredith Efken, John Armstrong, Katie Driver and Dan Brennan for a conversation about the power and potential of spiritual friendships between men and women. Join with other Christians who believe that Jesus has called us to a third way of being together, beyond fears, skepticism, myths and stereotypes. Together we will learn to be more like Jesus and Mary in the garden.

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