Blade Barringer develops and maintains our ACT3 website as well as my blog site. He is a consummate professional. I recommend his services to any of you who need help in these areas of your ministry. His work is incredibly good and his prices are fair. His day job is with a Christian publisher but he handles some side jobs like his work for ACT3 Network. If you’d like to contact him let me know and I’ll pass along how you can reach him.

Unknown-3One of the things Blade has given to me is “freedom” in my spirit about how to use the various media tools that I employ. I am so clueless about this stuff but in Blade I have a friend who is patient, slow to speak, gentle and a great teacher. He will interact with me and yet never overwhelms me with big data in the process. I may sound “dumb” to him at times (I never ask) but he never makes me feel “dumb.” My world is so much better since Blade began to work for ACT3 about eighteen months ago. A Wheaton College grad, Blade is a thoughtful serious Christian who also appreciates what I do with obvious dedication and love.

I say all of this to tell you about an email that Blade recently sent to me. He wrote:

A heads up that I’m going to start a practice of not using my computer/iPhone starting on Fridays at 6:00pm to Saturday at 6:00pm. I’m finding that I’m working too much, and want to set aside that time for rest.

My phone will be on Do Not Disturb mode during that time, which means it won’t alert me to new emails or text messages. I have your cell number listed in my favorites, so if you call while it is in Do Not Disturb mode, it will go through. So, if there is an emergency, do not hesitate to call.

I wrote back and told Blade, “Bravo!” This is a great personal decision. I deeply respect it. I will never call you unless it really is an emergency.

After thinking about Blade’s decision I made the same one for myself. I am cutting off my Internet use, text messaging and iPhone (except for family) from 5 p.m. on Saturday until 5 p.m. on Sunday every week. I will try to wait until Monday to read email and then respond to my messages. Because my “Sabbath” begins on Saturday evening, with worship and eucharist in a vespers service, I have found incredible peacefulness in the rhythms of my life on Saturday-Sunday. Adding this additional decision to the things that I already do will bring me much needed rest and peace from the busy world that swirls around me. The other decision that I made, which will actually be harder to carry out, is to not check Facebook and email quite so often during the week. Even though this form of communication is instant I do not need to respond instantly. I will generally scroll through my mail and texts and only respond to anything that seems time sensitive. Everything else can be delayed for 24-72 hours in most instances.  I’m not sure how you handle this “stressor” but I’d love to hear your ideas. I believe that it is time we take back our lives and use this new communication better. I know I need to take these steps. My life is far too connected.