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Newest_dave My good friend David Bahnsen is one of the finest conservative thinkers I know. He has a rigorous mind, is a keen observer of trends and developments in the market and understands monetary policy. He also stays on top of global trends. I do not always agree with David but then I disagree with everyone at some point. If a guy only writes what I agree with I find him boring and thus not worth my time. David is never boring, never. He has a new Web site that I urge you to check out.


David is presently reading and reviewing the major books published about the 2008 economic meltdown. Our mutual friend Andrew Sandlin has said of David's writing: "His hard-hitting articles unceremoniously peel back the thin, fuzzy veneer of protecting much of today's lame mainstream economic opinion." I concur.

A good example of David's thought can be found in a recent article titled, "What Kind of Conservative Are You?" Even if you disagree you too will be challenged.

David is a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley and writes a regular column on economics and business for both World magazine and Red County online magazine. He also served on the board of ACT 3 from 2007-2009.