Newest_dave My good friend David Bahnsen is one of the finest conservative thinkers I know. He has a rigorous mind, is a keen observer of trends and developments in the market and understands monetary policy. He also stays on top of global trends. I do not always agree with David but then I disagree with everyone at some point. If a guy only writes what I agree with I find him boring and thus not worth my time. David is never boring, never. He has a new Web site that I urge you to check out.

David is presently reading and reviewing the major books published about the 2008 economic meltdown. Our mutual friend Andrew Sandlin has said of David's writing: "His hard-hitting articles unceremoniously peel back the thin, fuzzy veneer of protecting much of today's lame mainstream economic opinion." I concur.

A good example of David's thought can be found in a recent article titled, "What Kind of Conservative Are You?" Even if you disagree you too will be challenged.

David is a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley and writes a regular column on economics and business for both World magazine and Red County online magazine. He also served on the board of ACT 3 from 2007-2009.

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  1. Bruce Newman August 21, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    David Bahnsen is obviously a very intelligent man. So was his father. Back in the 80’s I was into politics much more than I am now. Like David I read National Review regularly as well as Chronicles of Culture, The American Spectator and Reason.
    Just as David highlights the schism between the Austrian economists and the Murray Rothbard wing I became aware over time of the differences between the neo-conservatives and the paleo-conservatives. The same divisions exist with libertarians. There are Christian libertarians (like Doug Wilson if I remember correctly) and Ayn Rand atheists.
    Not everyone digs deep to look at these things and I can’t say I blame them sometimes. It can get quite wearying when the philosophical boxes within boxes go down seemingly to the quantum level, especially when you find these folks to be other than the image they take shade under. I once had a letter printed in Reason Magazine disagreeing with the way in which Nick Gillespie wrote an article that things were getting “better and better” and he basically blew me off without a serious response. I have other stories I could tell.
    I will read David’s blog in the future for the challenge. He does bring up good points and I’m glad to see men like him willing to deal in the arena of ideas. But I think I will leave the focusing on such things to him and others like him. I find the labels of liberal and conservative rather useless anymore.
    Conservatives are no better than what they are trying to conserve, and some of them would do well to reexamine just what that is. Liberals now are certainly not classical liberals and are, generally speaking, more accurately described as libertines in my opinion.
    Theses days I would trade an entire library of political commentary for one essay with the moral vision of an Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

  2. David L. Bahnsen August 22, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Amen to that

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