I have never seen Alabama play in a college fotball bowl game. My dream game would actually be a BCS bowl, or better yet a BCS national title game. I’ve seen some really big Alabama football games of historic magnitude for their tradition but never a Bama bowl game. Actually, no team in all of college football has played in more bowl games than Alabama, as we humble fans like to remind you. (By the way, I do not think a BCS game is out of the question in the very near future. Alabama has the number three ranked recruiting class in the country as of this moment.) But this season, after some urging from Anita, I decided to visit good friends in Louisiana and see the Independence Bowl in Shreveport on Sunday evening. If the weather allows me out of Chicago today (snow is fast approaching) I am off to Monroe, Louisiana, to visit my friend Steve Wilkins and to preach at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning. Then, following the morning service at AAPC I will drive the short distance to Shreveport where I will join my brother to see the Crimson Tide play Colorado, another great college program seeking to make a comeback. It should be fun, win or lose. Both teams are hungry to finish a rebuilding year on a high note.

The game is on ESPN Sunday at 7:00 p.m. CST if you care to watch. Look for a crazy older guy in a lot of crimson next to a younger guy in Colorado black and gold, my brother’s son-in-law Dan. It should be fun to keep one of the biggest CU fans I know from disturbing one of the loudest Alabama fans I know. (That would be me for anyone who wonders. I promise to be civil but not quiet.)

In order to enjoy this little holiday trip I am not taking my computer with me this time so there will be no blogs for the next few days. We all need a break now and then and this will be mine. I love to write these posts, at least most days, and thus look forward to writing some new stuff when I get back to my study on New Year’s Eve. Until then I wish you, my reader and friends, a wonderful New Year. May your team win the big game (if you have one) and may you personally know great joy in the grace of God during the coming year of 2008. And thanks for checking in with this site now and then during this past year. I hope to offer you more to think about in 2008. I hope to improve my blogging as well as the various technical aspects of this site. 

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  1. Dave Dryer December 29, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Enjoy your trip. May God bring you a rich and rewarding new year.

  2. ColtsFan December 31, 2007 at 11:53 am

    “(That would be me for anyone who wonders. I promise to be civil but not quiet.)”
    Let’s GO ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!

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