MC_bannerBooks on leadership abound. Christian books on leadership are almost a dime a dozen these days. Rarely does a new book on this subject capture my interest and move my spirit deeply. This is why I was so surprised by a new book that I recommend: Legendary Leaders. This moving book is written by teacher and coach Monte E. Wilson. I can tell you that this is a gem that every leader or aspiring leader would profit from immensely. 

Arthurian myths and legends have resonated with millions of readers. Why? Because we want to believe that such leaders as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and a kingdom based on justice, compassion, and nobility, are possible, thus Camelot is  read not as a fairy tale, but as an achievable idea. 

MailChimpBookAs a lifelong student of Arthurian literature, Monte Wilson retells the tales, utilizing both classic and modern interpretations of the legends, and transforming them into a blueprint for creating our own legends. 

Great souls inevitably achieve great things. King Arthur is able to create Camelot, not only because of his superior skills, but also because of his beliefs, his moral code, his vision, and the kind of men and women with whom he surrounds himself. 

The new book, Legendary Leaders, is not about how to become famous. It is about what it takes to make you a leader that leaves a legacy worthy of your beliefs, ideals, standards and visions. 

 Visit Monte’s web site to learn more about Legendary Leadership.

I wrote about Monte’s new book the following endorsement statement:

I have taught and mentored leaders for over thirty years. I find most leadership books uninspiring but this is a rare exception. The poetic nature of leadership, as well as the intuitive sense needed to influence others wisely, are both found in spades in this wonderful book.   — John H. Armstrong, President, ACT 3


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