During 2013 ACT3 conducted five area-wide Unity Factor Forums. You can learn more about these events on our site. (I hope we can do 5-6 more in 2014 so please consider inviting us to do one in your area.) The last one that we did in 2013 was in Aurora, Illinois. I asked Fr. David Engbarth, a local Catholic priest, to share something of his own journey into missional-ecumenism. He surprised me when he invited a non-Catholic friend to stand with him in order to talk about their deep and growing friendship. There is a popular saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is true then this video says more about what ACT3 is seeking to do than anything I can write. In the light of my post on December 2, about Pope Francis’ letter Evangelii Gaudium, this is a wonderful follow-up that reveals the human reality of love between two brothers from different ecclesial traditions. 

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