eversCivil Rights leader Medgar Evers (pictured at right) was a trailblazer for racial equality in the South, all while displaying a tireless dedication to self-improvement, education, and fair treatment for citizens in his native Mississippi and abroad. On this day of June 12, 50 years ago, Evers was killed in the driveway of his home by a Ku Klux Klan “white supremacist” who lived free for a time after the senseless murder of this amazing man. I still recall the day Evers was killed. I was fourteen years old. I knew in my soul that “my people” (white Southerners) were in need of a change that had to come. The unfinished end of racism is a great challenge but some progress has been made. We can be thankful today for a man like Evers. 

If you like to read more about this leader check out NewsOne for Black America.

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