Your Church Is Too Small

John ArmstrongACT 3

Many of you have prayed for me as I wrote a book telling my own story and explaining what I mean by missional-ecumenism. That book was completed last November, at least the draft was finished. I then gave it to Zondervan, my publisher. After several delays the book was put into the production schedule and will be released in February of 2010 if all stays on track.

When a book is accepted by most publishing companies a process begins that includes choosing a title and subtitle, creating art work for front and back of the book, and doing macro-edits and then micro-edits. The process takes several months. Then the marketing and sales people also get involved. I will personally be very proactive in the work on this book, even meeting with the staff at Zondervan on Monday, April 6, for a private time of dialogue and planning.

Last week the final title for the book was chosen after a process of discussion between me and several editors at Zondervan. The final title is: Your Church Is Too Small: Why Unity in Christ's Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church. I am very pleased with this choice and believe it accurately reflects the passion of the author.

Pray for the next steps in this process. The designer is working on three looks for the cover. I will interact with this process. Then we will make some decisions about the content and about who might endorse the book. We will also work on various markets. Who might buy the book and why? How might other ministries use it and which ones should we contact? The process, including my writing, will be about 30 months in all.