My posts this week have expressed profound concerns about recent developments in the Democratic Party. I am not a partisan when it comes to politics. I do not faithfully and consistently support either party. I also believe politics is important, but not most important, not even in changing public policy. It is even less important in changing culture in truly important ways. I have voted for candidates from both parties, though I think I am best described as a moderate conservative with an openness to some progressive ideas that promote corporate compassion. In my own state, for example, the Republican Party is weak and scandal ridden. Our former Republican governor is going to jail soon, and deservedly so.

My deepest concern here is that the nation will suffer without two strong parties. Though the framers did not envision the two-party system I shudder to think what will happen if we are left with two parties like the present configuration of things. Both are so terribly flawed that it is not a healthy time for us. I think we need two parties that seriously debate the big ideas about our national and international future in ways that affirm the good things about our nation while they are properly self-critical about our lack of humility as a people. This requires a healthier love of country that is mixed with careful public debate. I do not see this ahappening. This deeply concerns me as a citizen who is interested not so much in one party’s success as in the nation’s future.

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