A Panoramic View of Rome That is Stunning

A friend who recently discovered that I was going to be in Rome sent me this amazing video. Not only does this video expose the fact that brilliance comes in many forms but this video also gives a stunning visual impression of the ancient city.




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The Value of Travel

cover.gif A few months ago (February 9, 2010) an interview in the Christian Century was made with a travel agent/writer who reflected upon the blessings of travel. I found a lot in his thoughtful piece that lined up with my own travel experience.

First, I love travel but I do hate airports. Go figure. I have just grown weary of these places and the hustle and bustle of the busy, security tightened, way of modern flying. Getting miles is OK but in the end I would rather go some other way. But if I am driving more than four or five hours I still prefer to fly.

Second, in the Century interview author Rick Steves said, “The less you travel, the more likely that media with a particular agenda can shape your viewpoint. Those of us who travel are a little more resilient when it comes to weathering the propaganda storms that

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