N. T. Wright on Paul and the Faithfulness of God

If you have followed the theological project of N. T. (Tom) Wright then you will enjoy watching this video and then adding this magnum opus to the other three major volumes. If you do not know what the fuss is about you ought to watch anyway, if for no other reason than to see that Wright is one of the … Read More

A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright

I wrote here last April about the Wheaton Theology Conference which featured N. T. Wright. Never have I attended an event with so much electricity about biblical theology and serious dialog. It was a moment of my life that I shall always remember. Both devotees and detractors were present in the audience but more importantly I sensed the presence of … Read More

N. T. Wright: Is He Really the Most Dangerous Theologian of Our Time?

From the first moment I heard the name of N. T. Wright, about twenty years ago I think, I was told to avoid him like the plague. Why? He was a dangerous man with a theology that would undermine the entire Protestant Reformation. Dutifully I avoided him because those I respected told me to do so. I limited my reading … Read More

A Way of Looking at My Concern for Unity Among Christians

A friend wrote an email to me recently that expressed his continued thinking about the practical implications of my call to church unity. He wrote: “As it relates to doctrine, I thought about my concern for growth of character. I think that those in the Protestant camp struggled so much about the issue of good works. As I develop experience … Read More