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Is There a Bias From the Bottom?

The words of Fr. Richard Rohr have very often been used by the Holy Spirit to work deep grace and peace into my soul. Rohr is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, that much I can tell you with real … Continue reading

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Why Do Millennial Christians Read the Bible So Differently Than My Generation?

As I read Jonathan Merritt’s A Faith of Our Own I asked, “Why do younger Christians read the Bible so differently from my generation?” Jonathan Merritt correctly believes that they have “reflected on the Bible” and take it very seriously. … Continue reading

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Why Christian Theology Demands More Than the Bible Only , Part 2

I suggested in my previous ACT 3 Weekly article (October 1, 2012) that Acts 15 gives us good reason to see how Christian theology and practice can move beyond the bare reading of biblical texts. The Problem of the Purist … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible: From the Apostles to Us

Each Monday, for the last eight years, I have published an e-article called the ACT 3 Weekly. Many readers of this blog do not even know these articles are published and I’ve discovered that readers here have never been to … Continue reading

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How Evangelicals Misuse the “G” Word

Nothing fires up some conservative Christians more than a red-meat debate about who is denying, or has denied, the gospel. I know this first-hand because I once engaged in these kinds of debates and contributed to the fires by attributing gospel … Continue reading

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The Supreme Authority of Scripture and Interpretation

Yesterday, I wrote about the authority of Scripture. I am often asked what has kept me from embracing the Catholic Church in its present state? I have many friends who’ve converted to Roman Catholicism. I have many supporters of this … Continue reading

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Can Faith Be Both Biblical and Flexible?

I referred a few days ago to the dangers of labels; conservative and liberal. I believe we live in a time when labels have less meaning than ever. I am just not sure what a person means by the use … Continue reading

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The Scripture Must Always Have a Context

A reader forwarded a video to me that was meant to celebrate the life of the late Peter Marshall, Jr. and his idea of Christian America. Marshall died on September 9, 2010. Marshall, as some readers will know, was the … Continue reading

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A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright

I wrote here last April about the Wheaton Theology Conference which featured N. T. Wright. Never have I attended an event with so much electricity about biblical theology and serious dialog. It was a moment of my life that I … Continue reading

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Our Perception of Reality

Author James P. Danaher writes, in his excellent book, Eyes That See, Ears That Hear: Perceiving Jesus in a Postmodern Context (Liguori, 2006): Our perception of reality is changing. We are rapidly moving beyond the modern world to which we … Continue reading

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