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An Orthodox Journey – Searching for a Place to Stand

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True Friendships (4)

In my Tuesday blog (1/14) I gave a quotation from the monastic writer John Cassian that is taken from his book titled The Conferences. In this extremely practical and moving treatment of deep spirituality Cassian wrote the following about “true … Continue reading

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The Influence of Identity on Unity, Part One

Guest Blog (Part One) Rev. Bill Berry served as the pastor for 31 years of a congregation in Marin County, California.    He transitioned to part-time staff at the same congregation and has served there for another 4 1/2 years … Continue reading

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A Great Film and the Nagging Question of Race in America

President Abraham Lincoln believed that he was acting in the humane religious tradition of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights when he spoke in March of 1865. “This was their majestic interpretation of the economy of the … Continue reading

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God in Proof: A Book Review – Part 5

It is safe to say that I enjoyed Nathan Schneider’s wonderful book, God in Proof, as much as any work on apologetics I’ve ever read. If I teach the subject again the future I will require my students to read … Continue reading

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Let the Great Games Begin

Today the college football season takes a decided turn to some truly interesting games that take on a sense of urgency for those of us who truly love this game. LSU plays at Georgia, a truly nice matchup that could … Continue reading

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Atonement Demands a Payment

The Scriptures seem to be fairly clear in their teaching about the death of Christ – something like the concept of a payment is involved in Christ’s death for our sins. It is this concept that is at the center … Continue reading

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The Danger of a Book-oriented Approach to Faith

The Book-oriented approach to Christian faith, an approach that became particularly central during the Enlightenment, has several major presuppositions for Christians. Robert E. Webber has underscored the three that I think are worthy of our particular concern. The Bible is … Continue reading

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American Evangelicals and World Christianity

Jay R. Case, in his recent book An Unpredictable Gospel: American Evangelicals and World Christianity, 1812-1920 (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012) argues that assumptions about the superiority of western civilization permeated nineteenth century American evangelicalism and thereby worked themselves … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Ecumenism – Leaving Something Real not Something Full of Argument

In my final tribute to my friend Jeff Gros I would like to tell you more about what made him such a singular influence on the lives of so many and how he was remembered by many of his friends … Continue reading

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