Rome: Day Five – The Lay Center

After an afternoon that allowed some time to finally kick back and rest a little at my room on Piazza Farnese I had dinner at The Lay Center on Friday evening, March 11. This invitation was arranged by Michael Severance of Acton Institute, mentioned in my blogs regarding Day One and Day Two. I was also joined by Nate Bacon, … Read More

Rome: Day Five — More Conversations on Missional-Ecumenism

On Friday, March 11, I joined Deacon John Green, Deacon Nate Bacon and Jose Penata, for a conversation with Fr. Keith J. Pecklers, Keith is an American who was trained at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley (CA) has been a professor in Rome since 1992. Dr. Pecklers describes himself, on his Facebook profile, as: “A Theologian, Liturgist, Faithful son … Read More

The Vatican: Secret Access

Secret Access: The Vatican 3/30 at 9pm [HQ] TOMORROW, March 30, AT 9pm, EDT- Secret Access: The Vatican. This is the first time that American audiences get an intimate and revealing look on how Pope Benedict XVI lives, works and functions in his papal role. With specially granted permission, viewers experience a world rarely seen.

Rome: Day Four — More Discussions on Ecumenism

After our time at the PCPCU at the Vatican our small group walked to the Angelicum for the second time in two days. Here we had a small lunch in the college and then a wonderful meeting with Fr. Frederick M Bliss, S.M. Fr. Bliss teaches courses on ecumenism at the Angelicum. His special interest is the theology and history … Read More

The Multidimensional Nature of a Christian Worldview

We hear so much about holding to the Christian worldview these days. Some Christians, including some rather important well-known teachers, suggest that there is a single worldview that is truly Christian thus we should teach this system of truth to everyone in order to make well-taught disciples. I have written about this issue, previously in other places (ACT 3 Weekly), … Read More

Rome: Day Three and Our Missional-Ecumenical Team

As I mentioned a few days ago my trip to Rome came about because (Catholic) Deacon Nathaniel Bacon, an InnerCHANGE missionary in Guatemala, read my book and concluded that I should be a part of a group he invited to meet and develop friendships in an ecumenical context in Rome. I initially said “yes” to the possibility of going, several … Read More

Rome: Day Two

On day two of my journey to Rome I toured some of the greatest sights of the ancient city and spoke in the evening. I will describe the city first and then my evening address. The day began with breakfast at the house of St. Bridget. The breakfast was almost the same every day. A large hollow bread roll, a … Read More

Rome: Day One

I arrived in Rome on Monday, March 7, after an overnight flight out of Atlanta. This was my first overseas flight in a long time. One of my three benefactors gave me miles to fly in business class so I could rest much better. (I am spoiled now! I hate to think of not flying this way on an international … Read More

My Trip to Rome

Some of you know that I made a trip to Rome, March 6-15. Having been home about a week now I want to share a great deal about this life-changing journey. I wrote very little about this trip during my time away because I could not respond to email and comments adequately. I also needed to take a break from … Read More