The Day of Pentecost

Today is Pentecost Sunday in churches all across the globe. Much as Easter is celebrated on one day, though each Sunday is truly Easter Sunday, so it is with Pentecost. Every Sunday we remember that the Holy Spirit is with us, and in us, and that we have the Comforter, the "spirit of Jesus" living in our soul, personally and … Read More

A Prayer for the Illinois House of Representatives

Most of you know that my son is a pastor and serves a church plant in nearby Streamwood, Illinois. (I preached there on May 10 and 17. The photo above is of Matt introducing me to his flock to preach.) Matt, his wife Adriana, and their two beautiful girls, Gracie and Abbie, drove to Springfield on Thursday afternoon in order … Read More

The Best Athletes in Professional Sports?

Among fans of professional sports there is a debate now and then about which sport requires the most athleticism. I have no doubt that the answer is "hockey." Friends know that I love baseball and college football best. (I have written about them both on this blog over the years.) But I have always enjoyed hockey. I do not get … Read More

"We All Live By Luck!"

The sovereign activity of God can be seen in many instances in Scripture. In fact, the truth is found throughout the entire biblical record. This is part of what led to my own embrace of this powerful truth almost forty years ago. Christians disagree about the particulars, at least in terms of how they define man's will and God's sovereignty, … Read More

Basic Christianity: The Right Approach

Yesterday, I referred to the fiftieth anniversary edition of John R. Stott's classic book, Basic Christianity. Today I return to this incredibly useful book to comment on Stott's opening chapter where he lays our what he calls: "The Right Approach." Stott says that the first four words of the Bible are more than an introduction to the creation story or … Read More

Basic Christianity: A True Classic

No modern author has given the church a greater written treasure, at least regarding what is essential to Christianity and real faith, than John R. Stott. I have written about John R. Stott in several previous blogs over the last four years or so. I love to encourage a new generation of readers to discover the importance of his work … Read More

A "Holy Day" In America

Today is truly one of America's national "holy days." I am not saying this either as a form of judgment or of complete approval. It simple is what it is, a day to remember our national experience and the incredible sacrifice of our own to protect and defend this nation. I am grateful for the day myself. The tomb of … Read More

A Weekend for Family

God gave me a unique and Christ-centered family heritage. My dad has been gone for twenty-three years in June and my mom passed away in November of 2007. I have one brother, almost four years older than me. He likes to remind me that he is also four years smarter. I don't tend to argue. Like most siblings we had … Read More

Catherine of Genoa: Discovering the Love of God

Catherine of Genoa (1447–1510), named after Catherine of Siena, was born into an illustrious family named Guelph. Two from her father’s family were popes. Her father was the viceroy of Naples, and a cousin was a member of the College of Cardinals. In 1463 she was married to Giuliano Adorno, a wealthy and very worldly individual, with whom she had … Read More

The Great American Religious Switch

We are a nation that “switches” a lot of personal choices. A recent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life says we change, or switch, our religious preferences often as well. Indeed, the AP says “we are a nation of drifters.” About half of Americans switch faith affiliation at least once during their lives. Nothing in this report surprises anyone … Read More