The Martin Luther King Memorial

A 28-foot-tall granite statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is planned for the National Mall in Washington D.C. Of late, the project has run into a major problem—the charge of racism, or at least of serious racial misunderstanding. The reason is the choice of the sculptor himself, Lei Yixin of China. Interestingly, the design team, which made the choice … Read More

A Break in Alabama

I am not writing new blogs until later this week. I am visiting my mother in North Alabama over these days. I covet your prayers as I deal with a number of her personal needs and some financial challenges. She is nearly 92 and her mental acuity is now that of a 5 or 6 year old child. She still … Read More

Mother Teresa's Darkness Revealed

We have known for some years now that Mother Teresa experienced the pain of deep spiritual darkness and turmoil in her heart for some years. We did not know just how deep, painful and long this darkness really was. Now we have been provided a glimpse into the soul of this remarkable woman in a new book, Mother Teresa: Come … Read More

Love & Kindness are Not the Same

C. S. Lewis, in The Problem of Pain, argues that love and kindness are not the same. I think his distinction is immensely helpful and quite important. He says that there is a kindness in love, "but love and kindness are not coterminous. Kindness, when it is separated from the other elements that are present in true love, is indifferent … Read More

What Should We Make of the Sanctuary Movement?

Across America a group of Christians have banded together to promote a movement to protect illegal aliens from deportation. This is not a new phenomenon at all. What is a little different, at least about some aspects of this renewal of an older movement, is that it has now focused primarily on protecting Mexicans, who are living illegally in the … Read More

How You Can Help Me and ACT 3

In our May 14-16 annual meeting, the board of ACT 3 adopted a ten-year vision plan that grew out of a deep unity God granted to us. We believe that God gave this overall plan and then confirmed it with a strong case for this ministry. This statement can be found on our Web site home page in “The Case … Read More

What Will Fred Thompson Do and How Much Does it Matter?

Will Fred Thompson enter the presidential primary race or not? This has been a major question for political pundits for several months now. I think the answer is very likely to be yes, at least from all we can tell right now. I believe by Labor Day he will be an “official” candidate for the Republican nomination. A lot has … Read More

Religious Conversion and Christian Conduct in the Modern World

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is an important conversation partner in the larger worldwide ecumenical discussion. (The WEA represents, in a loose network, 420 million Christians worldwide.) The Alliance made news this week by agreeing to give approval to working with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vatican on a Christian code of conduct regarding religious conversion. This, … Read More

The Real Hazzards of Being a Pastor

I am convinced that most pastors have no idea how hard it is to be faithful and effective for another year, much less for an entire lifetime.  I am further convinced that virtually no one outside the pastoral ministry understands what is happening to good pastors in our own time. A recent survey by Dr. Richard A. Blackman, in a … Read More