Labels Can Be Libel

A recent conversation resulted in a brother telling me that: “Labels are libel.” I fear there is more truth in this aphorism that most of us would care to admit. Technically libel is: “A published false statement damaging to a person’s reputation.” It is very difficult to prove in a court of law and rarely is a person successful in … Read More

A Relational Covenant

I spent some time at Glen Eyrie this last week, the lovely location of the Navigators, a well-known international discipleship ministry. Glen Eyrie is a gorgeous place in the mountains just outside Colorado Springs. There I shared time with ten authors discussing a new line of books published by NavPress, Deliberate. Caleb Seeling, the editor of Deliberate, is one of … Read More

Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee (PG) is a widely acclaimed family-friendly film that everyone can enjoy. It is not only entertaining, in the very best sense of the word, it is a first-rate true story that should not be missed. How I missed it until now reveals that I didn’t think such a film would actually appeal to me, which probably … Read More

Nowhere in Africa

The story of the Holocaust has been told from many many perspectives. Told from any angle, however, the human tragedy never changes. The 2002 Academy Award winning film for foreign language was Nowhere in Africa, a critically acclaimed classic. This film is the real story of a young Jewish family that fled Germany for Africa in 1938, just before Hitler … Read More

Expresso and Books

I am in Colorado Springs for an authors dialog with Nav Press. Yesterday I had lunch with the editor of Discipleship Journal in norder to chat about contributing work to the magazine. On the way back to Glen Eyrie we passed a house that was a bookstore. My editor friend said that this was the place for good books, coffee … Read More

College Football, Bear Bryant and "Roll Tide"

My friends know that I am a die-hard Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I attended the University of Alabama before I transferred to Wheaton College in 1969, where I have spent the remainder of my adult life. But Crimson Tide fever has never left my system. Each fall I try to find a way to see the Tide play football in … Read More

A Weekend Emergent Village Experience

This weekend’s Midwest Emergent Gathering, held July 20-21 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, was an event that I enjoyed participating in immensely. I was invited, by my friend Mike Clawson of up/rooted (Chicago), to answer several questions in a plenary session. I was billed as a friendly “outsider.” We laughed about this designation since many of my critics now assume that … Read More

Reflections on the Real Reason the Fans Do Not Like Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is in Chicago this week. His batting numbers are down, his legs are clearly hurting and he shows his age, 43, with every swing. But, unless something very strange happens he will break Hank Aaron’s record for all-time home runs sometime this summer. He only needs four more homers to tie the record of 755 and thus five … Read More

Presidential Optimism is Not Called for at the Moment

Presidential optimism is generally a good quality. Leaders need to project hope and a positive outlook. It is best, I think, that our commander-in-chief believes that what he is doing in the world militarily is both good and necessary, even though evil is often done while pursuing the good. Confusion, doubt and pessimism do not breed success. President Bush seems … Read More