Dennis Prager: A Voice for Reasonable Moral Thinking

I am not a huge fan of talk-radio, even less so of talk-television. I find much of this medium inane. It is more about entertainment than about provoking real thought. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, which proves the old adage that “exceptions prove the rule.” I do listen to some talk-radio when I am in my … Read More

Harvard's President Resigns Under PC Fire

Lawrence H. Summers is not a noted figure from the political right. In fact, he served as a cabinet member under President Clinton. But he has been the recipient of a barrage of politically correct attacks over recent years. Since 2001 Summers has served as the much maligned president of Harvard University and has been under great fire for some … Read More

Preserving Peace Through Strength

Radical pacifism is alive and well in the United States. Behind a great deal of opposition to every war there are those who genuinely believe the New Testament obligates them to non-participation in armed conflict. I have great respect for such conviction, found particularly in the Anabaptist tradition. I once seriously considered this position myself, in my late teens, and … Read More

When William Willimon Speaks I Listen

William Willimon is the bishop of the Methodist Church in Alabama. He is also a widely respected writer and a very able preacher of the gospel. If you don’t know his work you have missed something. Every preacher, and serious Christian thinker, ought to read "Will," as he is called by friends. You will disagree at some points but you … Read More

The Tyranny of Medical Research and the Body-Police

Modern medical research has done a great deal of obvious good. Life spans have been lengthened in recent decades and people generally enjoy healthier lives as a result of studies in nutrition and diet. But there is a real trap for some in these continued medical discoveries. Hard science is necessarily committed to a continued quest for better knowledge based … Read More

Charles Colson and the Culture Commission

Many pastors and church leaders are confused about the present culture wars. They either embrace them uncritically, adopting the views, and even the rhetoric, of people they hold in esteem, or they sit them out, saying (in effect) that the Great Commission trumps all Christian involvement with such culture issues. But these two extremes are not the only options. Charles … Read More

Responding to Islam's Passion Over Blasphemy

Blasphemy is in the news. Mocking God has been a non-issue, at least in Western civil society, for nearly one hundred years. A combination of Enlightenment thought, joined with a correct understanding of what Jesus taught about church-state and one’s public and private actions, helped to rid the West of barbaric attempts to enforce respect for God. Now, the issue … Read More

The Gains & Losses of Orthodox Feminism

Women have made great gains in modern Western society. Except for the poorest of the poor these gains have benefited almost all women in some way. These gains are the result of a significant social revolution that we have undergone as a society over the past fifty years. Perhaps the most important early influence in this massive social change was … Read More

The Fraud Goes On

Professor Peter Singer, of Princeton University, is one of the leading advocates in out time for the culture of death. Last year Singer wrote: “During the next 35 years the traditional view of the sanctity of human life will collapse under pressure from scientific, technological, and demographic developments. By 2040, it may be that only a rump of hardcore, know-nothing … Read More

A Homosexual Challenge Met with Grace and Wisdom

Soulforce’s Equality Ride is coming to Wheaton College, April 20-21. I didn’t even know what Soulforce was until this morning. The goal of the Soulforce Equality Ride is to change the policies and practices of the institutions they plan to visit, which includes fourteen Christian colleges that are member institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Soulforce states … Read More