My Journey (3): Childhood Faith and Encountering the Living God

Growing up in a small-town, Southern Baptist, cultural background meant that coming to Christ was a prescribed formula that I knew about for as long as I can recall. The pattern was rooted in a Pauline type conversion experience. You realized that you were a sinner, you knew that you needed to be saved, you prayed and asked Jesus to … Read More

My Journey (2): Asking Questions About My Purpose

I began, on August 30, an account of my life’s journey that I promised to continue. I will try to write these particular blogs as I have opportunity. I cannot produce a new entry each day but I will attempt to faithfully tell my story over time. I would like to slowly develop this story because I need to ponder … Read More

My Journey Into the Love of the Triune God

In my seventh decade of life (b. 1949) I now see that my entire life has been a journey, a pathway that I’ve followed by God’s grace, a road that leads home. But home is not in some far off place that we commonly call heaven. I get ahead of myself a bit here but this is important to grasp. … Read More

The Trinity Is Not an Abstract Doctrine

I wrote yesterday about my growing awareness of the love of God as a community of persons. I was brought into this community by faith in the Son of God and through Christian baptism. This is why I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Far too many Christians I’ve known over the … Read More

The Church and the World of Business

I have personally engaged in a number of attempts to connect the field of business with the redemptive mission of Christ. The typical evangelical approach to applying one’s faith to vocational activity is admittedly facile. It primarily emphasizes personal piety and evangelism within the workplace rather than a genuinely kingdom centered perspective regarding divine calling, or vocation. This approach is … Read More

The Bible’s Most Frightening Text?

I am amazed at how people often respond to various tests in the Bible. Some in the Old Testament are filled with terrible warnings and clear promises of divine punishment for breaking God’s law and covenant. But for all of these difficult and terrible texts none has ever compared, at least to my mind, with the words of our Lord … Read More

Fatal Attraction

The classic Hollywood movie, Fatal Attraction, was truly a surprise film in 1987 when it first appeared. It has endured, over nearly twenty-five years now, as a film noir. The premise is that a person may form an attraction for another person (in a sexual and emotional way) that is much more than it appears to be on the surface … Read More

Is Jesus Really Central to Your Life?

My friend David Bryant helped to persuade me some years ago that we Christians, and especially we evangelical Christians, had come to the place where we no longer treasured Jesus Christ above all. His book, Christ Is All, makes this point so powerfully that it became an instant classic on the subject. The problem here is rather simple. Most people … Read More

Lent: A Time for Conversion and Preparation

From the beginning it seems that Lent was a time for penitence. This word penitence troubles some evangelicals because they are reminded of the errors and bad teaching of the sixteenth century Catholic opponents of the Reformers. But the word penitence comes from the Latin word paenitentia, which referred to an attitude of repentance. Repentance, from the Greek word metanoia … Read More

The Disturbing Ministry of Jesus

Viktor Frankl, the famous psychotherapist who endured the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, maintained that to love you must encounter. I agree with Anthony J. Gittins, a priest in the order of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (CSSp), who says that Jesus' ministry could best be described as loving encounter. He moved beyond familiar reference points, broke through boundaries … Read More