A Parody That Rocks

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism, Emergent Church, Humor

North Point Church in Atlanta is one of the better known mega-churches in America. Led by Andy Stanley the church is known for taking the gospel seriously. It is also a church that is not afraid to look at a lot that is being done today with a biblically critical eye. This video will make you laugh and it just … Read More

Grandchildren Say the Cutest Things

John ArmstrongHumor

Eight-year-old Abbie spent the night at our house all alone recently. When I (Anita) went in to check on her after she went to bed, I saw her leafing through John’s latest book, Your Church Is Too Small. (John dedicated the book to her.) I asked her, “Are you reading Grandpa’s book?” She replied, “No, I’m just reading the Dedication!”

A Championship Ring: The Symbol of Success

John ArmstrongBaseball, Humor

I love sports humor. I am not a Chicago Cubs fan so I particularly love Chicago Cubs humor about their futility. A friend recently sent me these photos, which tell enough in pictures to say it all well. Here is the 2008 World Series ring won by the Philadelphia Phillies. Here is the 2009 hockey ring won by the Pittsburgh … Read More

"Grandma, What's a Detention?"

John ArmstrongHumor, Personal

A few weeks ago when I was driving with Gracie and Abbie in the back seat, we passed Glenbard North High School after school dismissal hours. A few students were walking home long after school had let out. Gracie asked me why those kids stayed at school so late. I told her that there were many reasons a student could … Read More

Try Laughing at the Devil and Some of Those Preachers Who Think They Understand the Mystery of Divine Providence

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism, Divine Providence, Humor

When the earthquake destroyed much of Haiti earlier this year Pat Robertson made another of his characteristic public statements about good and evil. Martin Luther and C. S. Lewis, to name only a few thoughtful Christians of their ilk, noted that one of the best methods for dealing with the devil was to taunt him. They urged us to literally … Read More

Out of the Mouths of Children: “Billy Graham’s Fruit Salad”

John ArmstrongHumor, Personal

When we (John and me) were serving in our first pastorate, in a suburban church-planting experience southwest of Chicago, we were often invited out to dinner to our parishioners’ homes. One of our all time favorite recipes was collected from one of those dinners. It was called: “Billie Carlson’s Fruit Salad.” (Billie Carlson was, of course, the parishioner’s name!) I … Read More

The Dancing Grandma

John ArmstrongHumor, Personal

Tonight could be really fun or really embarrassing for me. You see, it’s the night of my granddaughter Abbie’s Streamwood Park District dance recital. Throughout this school year I have taken her to a few rehearsals. One time her mom was out of town and I was watching Abbie’s class through the one-way window. It is a mirror on the … Read More

Lessons on Diet from the World's Oldest Person

John ArmstrongHumor

It might be a sign of my advancing age but I found the recent report of the death of the world's oldest person humorous. Let me explain. Gertrude Baines died a few days ago in Los Angeles at the ripe age of 115. Gertrude appeared in a much watched You Tube video clip last year when she voted for Barack … Read More

The Battle of the Church Signs

John ArmstrongHumor

A friend sent me some photos of a local "church battle" that developed in a Missouri town this summer. The local Catholic Church began the battle of the church signs with the first sign. What followed is downright humorous, though the Presbyterians revealed their usual lack of humor as the battle developed.

Mascot Madness in Chicago

John ArmstrongHumor

Readers know that I love baseball. I decided this summer, due to the recession and the difficulty of getting to games in Chicago, to limit my baseball experience to a nearby minor league team, the Kane County Cougars. I get two inexpensive tickets for about 13 games a year and take friends with me to see a game and spend … Read More