The World Is Flat – What It Means for Mission

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Thomas Friedman, in his best-selling book The World is Flat, provides an incredibly compelling overview of how advances in modern technology, communication and marketing have flattened our world. He explains that the world is rapidly shrinking and shows how geographical, language and cultural barriers have become increasingly blurred by the day. Never before have we had the resources, technology and … Read More

My Theology is Getting More Complex – My Faith Is Growing More Simple

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On Thursday evening I engaged with a long thread of discussion on my Facebook page about a post made by a popular author by the name of Jim Palmer. Jim lives in Nashville and is a former evangelical pastor who left the pastoral ministry several years ago. He writes some helpful and genuinely provocative stuff. I have not read his … Read More

An ACT3 Network Partnership in Phoenix

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Last week I shared again in a wonderful time of ministry in Phoenix. It was my third visit to the Valley of the Sun over the last 16 months. My primary purpose has been to be with my dear friend, Jeff Gokee. Jeff is the executive director of PhoenixONE, one of the most hopeful and exciting movements of the Spirit … Read More

The Church's Mission: Faithful Presence and Extending God's Grace to Outsiders

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One of my Top Ten books, at least over the last five years, is James Davison Hunter’s masterful social and theological critique: To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World (Oxford, 2010). Jonathan Merritt begins his next to last chapter in A Faith of Our Own by quoting the central thesis of … Read More

Each Generation Must Ask: "Who Do We Say Jesus Is?"

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A growing body of statistical evidence reveals that Christians in their 20s and 30s are disenchanted with a faith that is culturally antagonistic and closely aligned with partisan politics. Is a growing sea-change sweeping across the church? I am one who believes the answer is very obvious. But how will this change impact what the church, and our mission, look … Read More

Burning Questions for Missional Christians

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Christianity began as a tiny movement of Jews who believed that God had raised Jesus from the dead. They spread this message to Jews and Gentiles and planted churches across the Roman Empire in the first three centuries of the common era. There is abundant evidence that these churches were generally small and that most congregations numbered something like 30-70 … Read More

Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Steps

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I have read about half of Brian McLaren’s published books. Some have moved me and some have left me puzzled and have not proven entirely helpful. Brian is an eloquent man, a good thinker and a serious Christian. My personal relationship with Brian has included both private and public conversations. He has always proven to be vulnerable, gentle and receptive. … Read More

The Self-Esteem Gospel and the Faith of Christian Parents

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Three out of four American teenagers, in a recent survey, say that they are Christians. But fewer than half of these who claim to be Christians practice their faith. And among those who say they practice their Christian faith most cannot talk coherently about it. What's more, many American teens who do say they are Christians have actually embraced what … Read More

A Parody That Rocks

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North Point Church in Atlanta is one of the better known mega-churches in America. Led by Andy Stanley the church is known for taking the gospel seriously. It is also a church that is not afraid to look at a lot that is being done today with a biblically critical eye. This video will make you laugh and it just … Read More

What Does the Millennial Generation Have to Give to the Church?

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Rachel Held Evans is a young woman with an unusual talent to express the Christian faith in ways that relate to her own generation with power and clarity. I discovered her blog last August in the midst of the conflict over the Lutheran Church (ELCA) adopting a sympathetic position on same-sex practice. She was particularly chagrined by the reaction of … Read More