A Gospel Call in Montreal (4)

The Gospel Call renewal event that I shared in Montreal two weeks ago has four specifically stated goals: To deepen our Christian sense of identity and solidarity with one another. To enable the co-sponsoring congregations to envision their mission differently. To identify concrete ways that congregations can act together in the future. To increase awareness of the biblical call to … Read More

A Gospel Call in Montreal (3)

The final Gospel Call worship celebration in Montreal (October 28) was the last large event that Fr. Ryan and I led together. This evening event was also the last of three preaching times. The focus was on the word “Sent.” Fr. Ryan and I again preached as a team, taking turns and both speaking for about five minutes and then stopping … Read More

The Moravian Daily Texts and My Contemplative Practice in 2014

A dear friend, Gerald Stover (PA), gave me a lovely gift at the Luminosa Award ceremony in June. I have used this gift, The Moravian Daily Texts, regularly in 2014. Most historians agree that the Moravian Church, which began as a renewal movement within the Catholic Church, was started through the work of a Catholic priest named Jan Hus (the … Read More

Christian Unity Week @ Judson University, Part Three

We ended Christian Unity Week at Judson University on Friday, October 10. The final message was given by one of my dearest friends on earth – Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth. Fr. Ellsworth, pastor of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Warrenville, Illinois, has been my friend since the 1980s. He came to Wheaton, from a pastorate in Kent, Ohio, to serve as … Read More

Christian Unity Week @ Judson University, Part Two

On Wednesday, October 8, I introduced Fr. Thomas Baima to the Judson University community. I do not know if Judson has ever had a Roman Catholic priest speak as a primary preacher in their chapel but on this gorgeous fall day it happened. The anticipation and prayer was palpable to me. A lot had gone into this service behind the … Read More

Christian Unity Week @ Judson University, Part One

I noted a few days ago, on this blog, that I helped to facilitate a Christian Unity Week at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois. Each of the three days in chapel, during the week of October 6-10, we had a service that reflected different aspects of the Christian tradition. And in these three chapels we had the three great traditions … Read More

Same-Sex Marriage Dividing a Local Parish

On the same day that I read the Associated Press report that I referenced yesterday regarding the new Pew Research about same-sex marriage there was another report from Great Falls, Montana. This story struck me as one filled with profound pain and difficulty. Roman Catholic Bishop Michael Warfel of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings conducted a meeting with about 300 … Read More

Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Ten)

Most of us realize that life is more than our limited experience of day-to-day activity. We believe there is a God we believe that it is he who sustains the world. We further believe that it is God who made us. But moments of wonder and transcendence do not mean that we know God really loves us. Explaining the world, … Read More

Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation

Today the second global Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation begins at Mundelein Seminary, near Chicago. I have the joy of leading this small group dialogue. Tonight there is an “open” conversation at Mundelein and you are welcome to come. If you have not registered it is free at ACT3. Our special evening event begins at 7:00 p.m. It is a dialogue between … Read More

Jeff’s Story

Last week I shared Sophia’s story. If you did not read this blog and see the video then please go back to September 2. Read my words and watch the 90-second video. Maybe even share this material with your church, your pastor, or your outreach team. I am personally called to promote a vision I call “missional-ecumenism.” One way this … Read More