War and Peace: The Present Confusion Regarding Real Evil

I have noted, several times in my recent posts, that peace between nations and states does not come because “Christian peace activists” intervene to lead warriors, whether dictators or religious militants, to lay down their swords. I have been reflecting for the past three days on the tragic death this week of activist American Tom Fox, a Quaker. Cal Thomas … Read More

The Cell Phone

It seems more and more of us use, and abuse, the cell phone these days. I bought my first one, about four years ago, to provide my wife and daughter some protection when they were away from home. Once I began to use one myself I found it "saved time," or so I thought. Like almost every modern technological device … Read More

The Sad Story of Judge Lefkow

Most of the nation is aware of the story of Judge Joan Lefkow. She is the federal judge in Chicago who came home on the evening of February 28, 2005, to find her husband and mother shot to death in her basement. The killer was a deranged man who was striking back against the judge for a ruling she rendered … Read More

Cleansing a City

Thomas Oliver, the New Orleans city council president, upon hearing stories of Sodom and Gomorrah this week, commented a few days after Katrina hit his city: "Maybe God is going to cleanse us." It would be a wonderful thing if more of our leaders actually thought this way. Newspapers in Europe, certainly no hotbed for Christian faith, suggested that Katrina … Read More

Why Pat Robertson Harms the Cause of Christ

I once thought Pat Robertson was a fairly bright man with an oddly conservative position on many issues. I now think he is completely misguided in the extreme, if not completely foolish. You can overlook a certain number of silly comments over time but after awhile you have to say Pat Robertson is positively harmful to both the Christian church … Read More

A Deposit in the Bank of Media Compassion

Former Illinois govenor George Ryan is not just another hack politician trying to use Christianity for his own purposes. Ryan is a master user, a disgusting national role model, a con artist who paints the moral pictures we have come to expect from many of our politicians. George Ryan is the former Republican governor of Illinoiswho pardoned a whole pacel … Read More

What Should We Make of the Blogging Rage?

Kevin Maney, in a weekly technology column in the Wednesday edition (May 25) of USA Today, suggests the present growth of blogging will chill out relatively soon. His piece is actually a very funny spoof on the growing rage for blogs. Had I read Maney in March I might have hesitated to begin this business of regularly writing blogs. Maney … Read More

Standing Against Homosexual Protest

A St. Paul, Minnesota, Roman Catholic priest denied communion to more than a hundred people on Sunday, May 15, saying they could not receive the sacrament because they wore rainbow-colored sashes to church to show their support for gay Catholics. The Associated Press reported, in a May 16 story, that a group called the Rainbow Sash Alliance has encouraged supporters … Read More