Why Dialogue Matters to Our Unity in a Secular Culture

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In my post yesterday I showed that the lack of Christian unity has profoundly contributed to the rise of secularism in the West. I argued that this was particularly true in the United States. Today I want to show you why this is the case. When the Irish Catholics arrived in America in the mid-19th century there was a deep-seated … Read More

Mary in Ecumenical Perspective

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I mentioned yesterday that I attended two seminars at the National Workshop on Christian Unity (NWCU) in Columbus, April 8–11. The second was titled: “Mary in Ecumenical Perspective.” It was taught by one of the leading liturgical scholars in North American Christianity, Dr. Maxwell Johnson, Professor of Liturgical Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Johnson was marvelous. He was … Read More

The Church As God's Social Strategy (2)

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Yesterday, I introduced you to “The Barmen Declaration.” I did this in the light of my consideration of what social strategy the church ought to take in the public square of modern America. In this amazingly simple, but deeply profound, statement we see that these Christians in Nazi Germany refused to call for a sectarian division in the visible church. They … Read More

My Theology is Getting More Complex – My Faith Is Growing More Simple

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On Thursday evening I engaged with a long thread of discussion on my Facebook page about a post made by a popular author by the name of Jim Palmer. Jim lives in Nashville and is a former evangelical pastor who left the pastoral ministry several years ago. He writes some helpful and genuinely provocative stuff. I have not read his … Read More

Why the Creed Really Matters to Your Church

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The Apostles’ Creed is a dynamic treasure. When we fail to use it, at least as a basic guide to essential teaching, there is a definite vacuum in our churches. We are generally left to choose the important truths that we want to major on. The result of this approach brings more disunity and doctrinal confusion, not less. In church … Read More

Does the Creed Really Matter?

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The outline of the Christian faith that we saw in Acts 2:14–36 (last week) provides a starting point for grasping the essential points of “the faith. We call this the kerygma, or the preached faith, of the earliest Christians. This is what they confessed and believed in order to be followers of “the Way,” or Christians. This underscores the importance … Read More

The Creed: An Outline of "The Faith" We Believe

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The two passages I mentioned in the Book of Acts yesterday were originally addressed to the Jews. They plainly take for granted the faith of the Old Testament and of Judaism. In addition to this obvious assumption, I believe that the following points summarize the core of apostolic faith and preaching: 1. There is one God, the creator and ruler … Read More

Why "The Faith" Matters

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The faith of the the Apostles is enshrined in the Gospels, outlined in their preaching in the Book of Acts and expounded and taught in their Epistles. Though there are different ways in which this faith is expressed, it is one and the same faith in all three accounts. This faith is common to the writings because they were written … Read More

The Best User-friendly Theology Book in Years

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The host pastor for our Chicago ACT 3 Cohort is Rev. Dr. George Byron Koch, pastor of Resurrection Anglican Church in West Chicago. George and I have begun to share this missional-ecumenical journey very deeply. George is the author of a fantastic book on doctrine and unity that I highly recommend, What We Believe and Why. This is the best … Read More