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A Catholic Insight Into the Reformation’s Central Truth

Today, as some of you know, is not only Halloween, and All-Saints Eve, but it is Reformation Day. There was a time when this event was celebrated in many Protestant churches. I miss those celebrations. I do not miss the … Continue reading

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Our Three Idols: Power and Pride, Popularity and Success, Wealth and Greed

Cape Town 2010 Congress Video Chris Wright, International Director of Langham Partnership International, which was begun by John R. W. Stott, challenges the people of God to confront the idols of power and pride, popularity and success, and wealth and … Continue reading

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Changing Education Paradigms

For over 250 years the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has been a cradle of enlightenment thinking and a force for social progress.  Their approach is multi-disciplinary, politically independent and combines cutting edge research … Continue reading

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While You Watch the World Series Consider the Lives of Those Who Play

I just spoke to a friend in the Bay Area who is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. He explained to me why closer Brian Wilson gestures in the unique way that he does when he closes out a game. … Continue reading

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Help Determine CNN’s Top Hero for 2010

I do not normally promote a cause like this, in fact I cannot ever remember doing so on my blog spot, but today I make an exception. Two long time good friends of mine in California, Scott and Kim Reno, … Continue reading

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Letters to a Young Calvinist, Part II,

James K. A. Smith’s little book, Letters to a Young Calvinist, is a nuanced and relational book. It avoids the sweeping polemical tone of so much modern neo-Calvinism. And it takes the reader into what Western Theological Seminary’s (Reformed Church … Continue reading

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Letters to a Young Calvinist

James K. A. Smith (known by friends as “Jamie”) is a professor of philosophy at Calvin College. In his new book, Letters to a Young Calvinist: An Invitation to the Reformed Tradition, he has given us a much-needed, easily read … Continue reading

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How Does Unity Invite Cooperation?

There are three common mistakes Christians make about Christian unity. In today’s video I discuss these three, which I develop in my book, Your Church Is Too Small. I believe that Christ’s love compels us to seek out one another … Continue reading

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“Homeless” Spiritual Seekers

We live in an age in which many people view the church as irrelevant, completely out-of-touch. It is not suited to address the real spiritual questions and complex needs people have in 2010. Most Christians do not understand why this … Continue reading

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Cell Phones and the Brave New World of Hyper-Information

Make no mistake about this, the world is moving from an Industrial Age to an Information Age. The ramifications of this are still to be seen over the course of the decades ahead of us. Many think this is the … Continue reading

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