An American Spiritual Awakening?

John ArmstrongChrist/Christology, Renewal

Since I was twenty years old I have made a study of true revivals. I wrote a book some years ago with the title: True Revival. My life was profoundly altered by the campus revival at Wheaton College in 1970. I have never been the same since those remarkable days of blessing. My very good friend David Bryant recently sent … Read More

The Death of My Friend Ken Curtis, Christian Filmmaker

John ArmstrongFilm, History, Personal

Ken Curtis, one of America’s most talented Christian movie makers, passed away on Monday, January 3, 2011, in Palm Harbor, Florida. Just two weeks before his death I had lunch with Ken’s son, Bill, on a visit to Pennsylvania. Of Ken’s passing Bill said just a few days ago: “The doctors gave Dad eight months when he was diagnosed with … Read More

There is a Time to Keep Silent

John ArmstrongMissional Church, The Church

Mission is proclaiming God’s kingship over all of human history, indeed over the entire cosmos (Col. 1:15-20). And the concern of mission is universal (Rev. 5:9-10). Christ’s mission aims at nothing less than completing what God began to do in creation and now extends to all peoples through the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Thus mission is the … Read More

Why the Incarnation Was Necessary

John ArmstrongChrist/Christology

One of the truly great classic works of the patristic era is: The Incarnation of the Word of God, by St. Athanasius. I have a 1946 edition that includes a wonderful introduction written by C. S. Lewis. I have been reading this classic again in the New Year. You can find a number of editions of the book as used … Read More

Pujols: More Than the Game

John ArmstrongBaseball, Books

Professional sports produces many great stars but only a few who are serious disciples of Jesus Christ. There are many professing Christians in baseball, to site just one sports context, but there are far less players who practice their faith in a consistent manner and remain spiritually grounded in their private family lives. One of the truly great stories I’ve … Read More

Islam and Christian Charity: How Far Should We Go?

John ArmstrongIslam, Love, Missional Church

I wrote yesterday a review of the film: Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (January 6). Just after posting this review I read an article in the Christianity Today online site that caught my attention.  I highly recommend it as a fair piece of journalism and a helpful way to raise important questions. The crux of the story concerns “sacred space” … Read More

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

John ArmstrongIslam

In 2002 PBS released a documentary on the life of the prophet Muhammad. The timing of this was not humanly planned since 9/11 occurred while the project was being finished. In fact, some of the final filming was in post 9-11 New York City. A New York City Fire Department captain, who is a convert to Islam, was featured prominently … Read More

Further Thoughts on Cross-Gender Relationships

John ArmstrongFeminism & Women, Friendship, Personal

I have written quite a bit lately on male/female issues. This has not been contrived through any preconceived plan, at least humanly speaking. I have thought about these issues for a lifetime. I fully expect that I will not work them out with complete satisfaction in my lifetime. I have admitted that some of this stuff frightens me. I have … Read More