A Roman Catholic and Reformed Forum on the Eucharist

Tomorrow evening, at 6:00 p.m., ACT 3 is pleased to host another one of its regular forums for the general public. This one will feature Father Thomas Baima and myself on the subject of the Lord’s Supper. Tom contributed the Catholic chapter to my book, Understanding Four Views on the Lord’s Supper. The book also includes a Lutheran, Baptist and … Read More

Economic Plans Do Matter: Keeping Markets and Morality Close Together

As Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton draw nearer to a very important primary race in Pennsylvania they seem to continually seek to "one-up" each other with the newest economic solution packages for what they think will gain votes for their respective campaigns. One cannot be exactly sure what they are actually promising voters without a good deal of careful … Read More

Our Economy Will Grow Again if Washington Allows It

There is a great deal of low-level panic in the public and private sectors over the American economy. The housing market is bad and the cost of fuel keeps rising. Unemployment has grown. Inflation, a huge problem in the 1970s, is still not a major cause for concern. Syndicated columnist and financial adviser Lawrence Kudlow expressed my thoughts perfectly when … Read More

A Nazi Story Like Very Few I Have Seen on Film

Sophie Scholl was a bright, committed, serious 22-year old woman who joined a growing resistance of various intellectuals and students in 1942-43 to oppose Adolf Hitler. Scholl ended up paying for her involvement by being arrested, interrogated and beheaded, all within six short days in the summer of 1943. She was part of what was known as The White Rose, … Read More

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till

The seventy-minute documentary film, The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till, is a genuinely shocking account of the brutal murder of a fourteen year Chicago African-American boy in Money, Mississippi, in 1955. His simple offense was whistling at a white woman in a public place. The Emmett Till story shocked many Americans, especially outside the Deep South, and thereby became … Read More

Two Personal Prayer Requests

I appreciate the fact that hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of you who read these blogs pray for me and the mission of ACT 3 in some way. I am in your debt. I write this short blog to make two specific requests: 1. Tomorrow I will undergo foot surgery for about an hour. Two different procedures will be done on … Read More

Ben Stein's New Movie Will Clearly Shake the Academic Tree

This year, author and former speech-writer Ben Stein goes for the jugular vein that supplies all the false ideology fueling today’s rebellion against God and final truth. He does it in a movie, Expelled, that has already stirred controversy and it is not even out yet. (Click the movie title and you will see the trailer that has been pre-released.) … Read More

What (Really) is a Worldview?

Some years ago the concept of a worldview became popular. I am not sure who first coined this term. I get the feeling Francis Schaeffer may have made it popular but I am not really sure. All I know is that the terms has run through a number of expressions and now seems, at least to me, to be spent … Read More

The Cross in Daley Plaza Chicago

In preparation for Easter this past weekend, an an Easter sunrise service in downtown Chicago, a 19-foot cross was erected on Daley Plaza in Chicago. What struck me about this event was not the ceremony, or even especially the use of a cross. What struck me about this event was that Rob Sherman, a nationally known atheist from Buffalo Grove, … Read More

Resurrection Myths and Resurrection Reality

Since the first century people have developed various explanations (myths) to explain away the historical credibility of the empty tomb on that first Easter morning. These theories, or myths, include: 1. The Swoon Theory Jesus didn’t really die, but only swooned and then recovered in the cool tomb. 2. The No Burial Theory Jesus wasn’t really buried but placed in … Read More