N. T. Wright on Paul and the Faithfulness of God

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If you have followed the theological project of N. T. (Tom) Wright then you will enjoy watching this video and then adding this magnum opus to the other three major volumes. If you do not know what the fuss is about you ought to watch anyway, if for no other reason than to see that Wright is one of the greatest biblical scholars of our time. Those who attack him have rarely read him, at least not carefully. Disagreement that respects his work is very welcome, and some of it is extremely profitable, but please do not resort to ad hominem arguments. Watch this twenty-four minutes and you will appreciate his easy-going human style and profoundly Christian scholarship.

4 Comments on “N. T. Wright on Paul and the Faithfulness of God”

  1. Funny side comment: “Jews are just like anybody else, but only more so.” I hope this does not come across as racist, for you can replace “Jews” with your own personal “favorite race to pick on.” In my case, as a Chinaman, I’d pick on Chinese.

  2. Could you please help me with something. I am not sure if this is just an issue of semantics, but why does Wright keep saying Paul ‘invented’ his gospel (in the Chapter 1 excerpt that was released recently)? I thought Paul received it by revelation…

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