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Published February 16, 2022

Congratulations to Cascade authors John H. Armstrong and Caleb J. Lines for their recent silver medals from the Illumination Book Awards!

Armstrong’s Tear Down These Walls: Following Jesus into Deeper Unity (August 2021) won a silver medal in the theology category. Armstrong has devoted three decades to the work of Christian unity. His story and ministry have encouraged many around the world and now they are reflected in this memoir of a life devoted to unity.

Winning silver medal for the Missions/Ministry category is Lines’ recent book, The Great Digital Commission: Embracing Social Media for Church Growth and Transformation (September 2021). The Great Digital Commission offers a theological reflection on the importance of social media—while acknowledging its shortfalls—and suggests practical steps that can help congregations think about strategies for church growth and transformation. This book is designed to be approachable for pastors, church leaders, and church social media managers, as well as congregants who want a clearer sense of why social media is important to use within the church and how they can foster healthy social media accounts.

See these and the full lineup of winners at Illumination’s website.

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