My Three Conversions

John ArmstrongMissional-Ecumenism, Personal, Reformed Christianity, Spirituality, The Church, Unity of the Church

Conversion is an often misunderstood word. In English it refers to a changing of one’s direction, or of one’s faith. Literally, Webster says, conversion means “to change from one belief, religion, doctrine and/or opinion to another.” Many of us have undergone some kind of conversion. Most of us have had more than one conversion experience. We have seen a truth so powerfully revealed to us by the Holy Spirit that we had to change our belief and practice. This is a conversion. Christianity is rooted, by the work of the Holy Spirit, in conversion. This is why this type of language is so common among Christians the world over.

The New Testament speaks of conversion to faith in Christ and it clearly speaks of this work as past, present and future. We have been saved, we are being saved and we will finally and ultimately be saved. I experienced the first of these tenses decades ago and I am experiencing the second one even today. The third is future for me and all who read this blog if you are a follower of Jesus.

In my book, Your Church Is Too Small, I write of my own experience of conversion as a boy of six years of age. I then describe what I call two more powerful conversions that took place in my life and how these two now shape my practice of faith. The last conversion, which was to the unity of the faith in one holy catholic church, is what my new book is all about. Understanding these three personal markers in my journey might encourage you along the road of your own journey toward Christ. I pray this will be true.