Coach Lloyd Carr’s Philosophy

John ArmstrongUncategorized

I have posted several comments on Coach Charlie Weis in recent days. I am not a huge Notre Dame fan, to no one’s surprise. But I am not exactly a huge Michigan fan either. But I have an entirely different feeling about Michigan, one which respects their history (past and present), especially in terms of how they have dealt with their coaches and how they handle their product, which is entertainment and big business these days. (That is what college football really is if you are honest about it. The really big programs bring dollars into the larger university programs, both athletic and academic.)

Anyway, Coach Lloyd Carr is under fire right now for losing the first two games of this season to Appalachian State and Oregon. He has since recovered and won five games. Michigan will not (likely) finish in the Top Ten, as predicted in the silly pre-season polls. But they will have a better than average season when all is said and done. I respect Lloyd Carr. He handles both success and adversity with a class that is admirable and in the way a good coach and student role-model should. He is, frankly, everything Charlie Weis is not. I read the other day Coach Carr’s philosophy for life and football. It is simple but reflects the greatness of a true coach and a decent man.

Three simple points:

1. Blame No One
2. Expect Nothing
3. Do Something