Is It Seedtime?

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I love words. I am not a professional wordsmith but the study of words has always drawn me. I try to learn and use new words every day. I thus subscribe to several online sites that introduce me to words daily. Recently, on the site “The Word of a Day,” a word resonated with my vision of the future. The … Read More

Politics and the Soul

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Nothing seems to be more ruinous of personal religion these days than the raw, partisan politics that greet us day-by-day. Most of us have opinions. All of us have been impacted, for better and (often) for worse, by the current political climate. Whether you like our current president, or dislike him, it is hard to ignore what is going on … Read More

Peter Kreeft on Biblical Ecumenism

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Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and at the King’s College (Empire State Building), in New York City. This means that Kreeft, a Catholic, teaches at both a Catholic and an evangelical college, making him very unique in so many ways. He is a regular contributor to several Christian publications, is in wide demand as … Read More

A Gospel Call in Montreal (1)

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Yesterday (November 10) I noted that I preached twice on Reformation Sunday (October 26) in Montreal. I also mentioned that I was in Quebec to serve in partnership with Fr. Tom Ryan of the Paulist Fathers. We were the lead missioners in a Gospel Call event. The Gospel Call is a four-day renewal event which brings together Christians for worship, … Read More

Mother Antonia Brenner: “Prison Angel” (1926-2013)

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Just a little over a year ago Antonia Brenner died (1926-2013) in Tijuana, Mexico. I had never heard of this amazing woman until a few weeks ago when I discovered some things that she wrote. I then read her story for the first time. Born Mary Clarke this amazing woman was known over the last thirty years of her life as Mother … Read More

Send Me

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Send MeUse me, God, in thy great harvest field, Which stretches far and wide like a vast sea. The gatherers are so few; I fear the precious yield Will suffer loss. Oh, find a place for me! A place where best the strength I have will tell. It may be one the older toilers shun; Be it a wide or … Read More

Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Nine)

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In this series of posts called “Love Alone Is Eternal” I earlier referred to what one writer calls “the art of unknowing.” This idea is taken from the title of a classic medieval book, The Cloud of Unknowing. This anonymous work comes from the fourteenth century but it expresses something about the Christian faith that was more widely known in the … Read More