A Pastor Who Serves His Neighbors

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A group of 75 adults and students at Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, Illinois spent a recent evening putting together 5,000 Share the Good News of Christmas gift bags. The bags included an ESV New Testament Christmas Edition, a Christmas tract by Max Lucado, and an invitation to celebrate Christ’s birth with the family at Village Bible Church throughout the month of December. Church members then met at the church and were given a map and a box of gift bags to deliver to the homes on their maps.

1 But my dear friend Tim Badal (at left in the photo), Teaching Pastor at Village Bible Church, got an early start. Tim spent a recent morning delivering Share the Good News of Christmas gift bags to 100 of his own neighbors. Tim said, “My wife and son came with me and we prayed for our neighbors as we walked through the neighborhood. Our church has always been known for our missions emphasis, which is usually focused on the ‘uttermost part of the earth.’ But the last couple of years we’ve been looking for more ways to become witnesses to the gospel in our own community. We believe this effort is going to get our church members thinking about their neighbors in a whole new way, as they prayerfully deliver the Share the Good News of Christmas gift bags."

What a great outreach to the community. Tim leads the way in this because he cares so deeply about people and because he has surrounded himself with fellow leaders and people who love and trust one another. This is not your ordinary Bible Church. These folks are growing in their grasp of missional Christianity and long to incarnate the message of Christ's love to their neighbors in simple and humble ways. I have witnessed their labors personally for about four years now and I am pleased to say that Village Bible Church is a faithful congregation with a real heart for the kingdom of God.

My friend Keith Duff, Shepherding Pastor at Village Bible Church, adds: "We hope that even if those who receive these Bibles don’t read them immediately, that the Bibles will sit around on an end-table where someone will pick them up and begin reading at some point—perhaps for the first time. What if only 1% of these Bibles are actually read by someone who hasn’t read God’s Word before? That would be 50 new people reading God’s Word! 5% would be 250 people!”

Good work Tim and Keith and all of you who share in the mission of Village Bible Church. You give me great hope for the future of churches like your flock in the Chicago area and far beyond. Conservative churches do not have to follow a certain human script that is predictable and uncreative. You are impacting scores of leaders and churches far beyond Sugar Grove, Illinois. And your love for me and ACT 3 is also deeply appreciated. With the support of churches like Village Bible I am enabled to do the work I do with ACT 3. If you want to see more of Tim Badal take a look at "The ACT 3 Story" video on our homepage at ACT 3. Tim appears in the video twice.