A Great Teaching Tool on Contemplative Prayer

John ArmstrongSpirituality

I recently ordered a DVD from Netflix titled: "Be Still." I was not sure, in advance, if this video would be worth my time but it seemed promising enough to try it. I was more than satisfied.


Indeed, I was delighted with this DVD. It includes several great teaching segments, broken up nicely by beautiful graphics and music and runs about 90 minutes total. Featured teachers include Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Max Lucado, Beth Moore and my fellow faculty members at the Graham Center at Wheaton: Jerry Root and Lon Allison. The presentations include clear descriptions of contemplative prayer, how to understand such prayer and practice itself and the history and tradition of this form of silent prayer in the Church. Busy Christians know so little about this ancient practice and this video would therefore be very helpful to any Christian who wants to learn from the whole catholic Church, especially from the Great Tradition.