C. S. Lewis on How We Come to Embrace a Thoughtful Christian Worldview

I have written on several occasions about the subject of worldview. I often think the term is used improperly or too broadly. It has even become a way of saying, in a most sectarian manner, that "I have a robust Christian worldview and you do not." I wonder when I hear such a claim if the claimant has a clue … Read More

When People Stop Believing in God

The famous twentieth century Catholic writer G. K. Chesterton once said, "When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing—they believe in anything." This is profoundly true and our time increasingly demonstrates this point in day-to-day life. There can be no doubt about the fact that we are experiencing a dramatic social and moral upheaval in today's world. … Read More

Are You in the Redemption Business?

I recently read a quote on a Web site recently that struck me as provocative, if not altogether theologically accurate. The owners of a particular agribusiness described their purpose with these words: "We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture. Writing, speaking and farm tours offer various message venues." … Read More

Seek God Obediently

We are regularly urged to seek God in and through the Bible. The problem is that we have turned this "seeking" into a type of passivity that passes for reasonableness and calm. I believe in reasonableness and calm but I do not believe in seeking God in any other way than obediently. John R. W. Stott says it so well: … Read More

He is Risen

Without the resurrection Christianity falls apart. With it the Church has a clear word that marks it and equips it to engage the entire world with a message of hope.  I pray that you found today’s celebration of his resurrection a time of incredible joy filled with the gospel of peace. It brings to a close a long phase of … Read More

Jesus Changes Everything

Bishop William Temple once said, "Christ was not a man, but Man, he was not a god, but God." Pilate, when he looked at Jesus to examine him, concluded "Here (Behold) is the man" (John 19:5). There is more in this confession than perhaps he knew. Pilate recognizes, in ways beyond the ordinary, that this was not just any man, … Read More

Follow Me

The most consistent invitation the Gospel writers attribute to Jesus is found in the plain words: "Follow me." This command is often found in conjunction with references to "taking up the cross" and to "dying" to one’s self. The implications are pretty plain if you know the place of the cross in the ancient world. It never ceases to amaze … Read More